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here you enter a space containing hundreds of photographs of people and their boats, the 'terra firma' and its ports, and the waters they sail on. Many are my own photographs, countless are captured from the web and others I found in books and magazines.

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autum meet of gaffers in Glückstadt 2006

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here is the place to express my deep gratitude for every input of thought, pic, plan or text - resources from friends and complete strangers - far too many to name every contributor in person

all the more reasons for many thanx to you ALL ...

Daniel Allisey

Hervey Benham

Anne Buch

Peter Chesworth

Marcel van Coile

Jack H.Coote

Eva Danulat

Ronald Drupsteen

Michael Emmett

Martin Eve

Michael Frost

Felix Gierke

Kai Greiser

Volker Gries

Maurice Griffiths

Joy Herre

Peter Hulscher

Paul Janes

Denis Johnson

Sarah Johnston

H.Lewis Jones

Gunter Kerstens

Andreas Kölbl

Peter Kruitwagen

John Leather

Carsten Maass

Ivo Maass

Mervyn Maggs

Kurt Marshall

Hermann Ostermann

Franco Pace

Den Phillips

Tony Pickering

Ray Riley

Martin Schulz

Robert Simper

Jürgen Töter

Jon Wainwright

Mark Wakefield

Lars Wind


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BETTY smacks cruising the Estuary janholthusen