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Saturday 31. March 2007 - Yacht Port Harburg

Günter steering Betty with the new dinghy on the river Elbe

In sunny March weather we tow the new Dinghy for a test run under engine against the tide up to Kattwyk bridge. Then after it opens after a call on vhf, on through the lock to the Yachting Port Harburg.

Easter 2007

Following a long tradition the weeks around easter are reserved for the anual spring cleaning. In contrast to earlier years this time Betty is craned on to firm ground at the Yacht Port Harburg. In the following weeks leaking seams in the underwater body and around the cabin have to be caulked, the hull newly painted, the rudder to get working smoothly again and a few minor repairs to be made.

after a long days work at the yard of Harburg

Guenter and I are posing in front of Betty after a long days work at the Yacht Port Harburg

Sunday 22. April 2007 - Cutter Port Finkenwerder

Friday 27. April 2007 - Outer Port Glückstadt

The starter engine causes trouble for several attempts. Otherwise a day without particular events.

Saturday 28. April 2007 - Lock Port Brunsbüttel

The starter engine runs only at the second attempt. Slowly down river against the tide, setting the main at Cuxhaven is as if it was the very first time. While berthing at Brünsbüttel the skipper injures his right leg.

Sunday 29. April 2007 - Laboe

mirror effect in the port of Laboe

Very cold, windy, however nice trip on the canal. With the entry permitted into the Holtenau lock (white sport boats - flashing light) suddenly the gate starts to close and we have to get out of the way quickly! The wound of the leg is better.

Monday 30. April 2007 - Heiligenhafen

The gas station at Laboe provides only for fishing vessels - extremely unkind! Marvelous sailing weather, we immediately set off. Günter must set the sails. Later very wet sail with cold easterly wind. Many deck seams are leaking again. In the evening the wet upholstery is dried on deck.

Tuesday 01. May 2007 - Neustadt

Betty in Neustadt

At Heiligenhafen the gas station is also closed (on holidays opened only from 1400 hours!) Discussion with Günter about skipper commands.

Wednesday 02. May 2007 - Museum Port of Lübeck

at the jetty alonside 'Walter' in the Museum Port of Lübeck

After a summery calm, light easterly wind for a fantastic header to Travemünde and sail before the wind up the Untertrave. Günter must leave ship at the swing-bridge.

Wednesday 16. May 2007 - Neustadt

Quiet voyage on the Trave under stay sails. At half the distance between Travemünde and Neustadt it is starting to rain and never stops. . . .

Thursday 17. May 2007 - Museum Port of Lübeck

Cold, windy, however sunny day with sailing attempts between Neustadt and Travemünde.

Saturday 26. May 2007 - Neustadt

A few beats for practise on the western. Lübeck Bight. Showers, however none of the announced thunderstorms. Jan, the new crew member proves himself fast.

Sunday 27. May 2007 - Neustadt

Betty at the Max Oertz Regatta 2007

Betty without a chance at the Max Oertz Regatta on the Lübeck Bight at Neustadt

Second day of the Max Oertz Regatta in marvelous sailing weather. First under full wardrobe tacking hard into the wind of 3-4 Bf, but slow due to the precipitous "waves of the Baltics". Finish totally failed: last ship home.

Monday 28. May 2007 - Warnemünde

Woken up by rowdy youngsters I take the decision to cast off immediately and to take off quietly into the misty morning. At Pelzerhaken a fishing boat lies waterlogged on the beach. Later barely noticiable wind from N-NE, but a lot of fog and high anciety: a sailing yacht glides eerily close by through the fog. Just in front of the coast it clears up and later we sit in the late afternoon sun on the yacht of Buchs in the 'Alten Strom' before Warnemünde.

Saturday 02. June 2007 - City Port Rostock

Betty during the G8 week in the Rostock City port

Short voyage up the river Warnow to the deserted museum port Rostock and anti-G8 Demo.

Saturday 09. June 2007 - Orth at Fehmarn

With light, later strong winds solo training journey for the great trip: in last 1/4 because of harbour expectation nearly run aground before Burg. The result: accidental gybe and problems with the top sail with too much wind. Orth is again very nice.

Sunday 10. June 2007 - Museum Port of Lübeck

With light E wind continuation of the solo training journey: today no problems! In this summer weather one can mistake the Baltic Sea easily for the Mediterranean Sea: purely fair-weather sailing.



Grömitz Gedser Hesnæs Stubbekøbing Rødvig Dragør København Dragør Trelleborg Ystad Skillinge Allinge - Bornholm Grønsund Sassnitz Lauterbach Stralsund Warnemünde Timmendorf / Insel Poel Lübeck

Saturday 23. June 2007 - Grömitz

During the first day of this summer voyage Carsten Knoop accompanies me to Travemünde with his camera. Later I sail untill a thunderstorm approaches from the west and then I get very wet. But otherwise a day without particular events.

Sunday 24. June 2007 - Gedser

In spite of differering weather forecast, a sunny and perfect day for the crossing to Danmark to arrive safe in Gedser.

Monday 25. June 2007 - Hesnæs

Running up the coast of Falster on a super half wind course under full sails and thereby leaving two modern plastic yachts behind: the result was baffled faces. Later a delegation of the 'Falsterhuset' arrives and I spend the evening there.

Tuesday 26. June 2007 - Stubbekøbing

Betty in Stubbekøbing, summer voyage 2007

At the "lines off" manoeuvre I foreget to throw off the stern line, what a disgrace! Generally the departure was too hectic, without proper breakfast and tidy deck. This has consequences for the whole short voyage and everything only for fear of a storm which does not materialize! Never use the boom crutch with wind and wave, but later in port!!! In the course of the day the barometer falls to 985 hPa, disconcerting!

I meet skipper Andreas Linnemann and Lars Wind of the "Mildred" from Kiel in the evening.

Friday 29. June 2007 - Rødvig

Betty in Rødvig, summer voyage 2007

Together with "Mildred" through the Grønsund, around Farø and in a slalom through the Stege Bugt into the Fakse Bugt. Beautyful, but difficult navigation with wind abeam to wind astern, after Betty had taken over an early lead. The furling of the main at approx. 1m of wave into the short support was very successful.

Saturday 30. June 2007 - Dragør

Betty in Dragør, summer voyage 2007

Peaceful, uneventful day, apart from difficulties with the autopilot under a little bit more rudder pressure. In Dragør made fast in the old fishing port under the historical pilot's tower - alongside an old 'Collin Archer'.

Sunday 01. July 2007 - Nyhavn København

Betty at the quay of the Nyhavn, København 2007

Short voyage under engine into the city of København very early in the morning: the mermaid is almost too small! After a short wait the harbour master Jimmy opens the bridge into the museum port just for Betty to a fantastic berth immediately behind the bridge.

Thursday 05. July 2007 - Trelleborg

Very wet and windy day with many difficulties: the autopilot can no longer hold course with a following sea, therefore problems with the furling of the main sail; at the Falsterbo canal bridge several berthing manoeuvres fail. While dropping the sail the tiller fixture breaks off. After passage of the canal and especially at Trelleborg the wind further freshens and I am forced to run into the ferry port of Trelleborg and moor there with the fishing fleet.

Friday 06. July 2007 - Ystad

So much rain that even the Swedish newspapers are full of it. This night spent at a hotel. Directly next to the port of Ystad I find the best chandler in the world who can assist me in the repair of the autopilot in the morning.

Saturday 07. July 2007 - Skillinge

Purple Sky behind Betty in port at Skillinge

While sailing from the port of Ystad several times green water on deck because of strong swell (approx. 1,5-2 m). Attention, because it flows off very slowly and puts a strong weight on the trim! Then after a change of course relatively fast, however quiet downwind run. Today for once I arrived in port not wet. There the fishing and wooden boat tradition is still celebrated really enthusiastically.

Monday 09. July 2007 - Allinge

Betty on her way to Bornholm

Still strong, choppy swell (approx. 1.5 - 2.5 m) from the west. Therefore relatively troubled journey downwind between Skillinge and Bornholm - today, however, without a lot of water on deck. After rounding the northern point of the island soon in quieter water as expected. At Allinge the anual jazz days take place and therefore, the entry to port and the berthing manoeuvre is accompanied by an English Dixieland band over loudspeakers, live from the quay. The ambition of the harbour master consists of getting the little port as full as possible so that one can get from here to the jetty without getting wet. Then I must take the bus to Røenne in order to replace the defective GPS, luckily successfully! Later marvelous coastal walk from the harbour next to Allinge back to the ship.

Tuesday 10. July 2007 - Sassnitz

Today the weather forecast concerning wind and above all the waves luckily does not become true. During the day of the long crossing from Bornholm to Rügen (55nm) Betty ran the 210° course like on rails - mostly under autopilot, the new GPS and adjusted compass. First with top sail, later sometimes under engine to support an average speed of 5 knots. About 1 nm before the entrance of Sassnitz the leaving Trelleborg ferry pressed me downright away from my evasive course. This has with right-of-way nothing to do (I had it actually)! Although I had not properly moored yet, the harbour master wants to take the fees...

Wednesday 11. July 2007 - Lauterbach

An unlucky day: the gas station at Sassnitz is not occupied, the pleasent weather at the late departure gets worse fast with more and more wind and waves. When the jib can not be rolled up in a violent squall without a standing main, both sheets tear in short succession, the sail cannot be rolled up and tears. I must rescue the sail traditional. For the next hours the engine has to battle against the waves under high revs. Therefore, the destinations Stralsund or Greifswald can not be reached. In the evening I am invited to the sailing yacht "Baccara".

Thursday 12. July 2007 - Stralsund

Evening at the quay in Stralsund

It is a short, simple journey through a more and more lightening morning and forenoon today. At the bridge at Stralsund nobody hears my call on the radio. While I wait for the opening of the bridge at 1715, I disassemble the jib rig, wash the dishes and wrap up the jib.

Friday 13. July 2007 - Warnemünde

The notorious 'baltics waves' grow pretty uncomfortable outside Darßer Ort despite favorable forecast for wind and wave. For hours the engine pounds with 1800 r/min. through them. The foresails (storm jib and staysail) wil not fill and can't pull the stem over the waves. The few rain showers have no squalls. Only with the wind calming down during late afternoon the waves slowly recede. At the arrival in Warnemünde the Warnemünder Woche takes place there and the only berth I can find is alongside the regatta ferry "Seeschwalbe" in the old Seglerhafen.

Saturday 14. July 2007 - Timmendorf / Poel

After the the purchase of a second hand jib, new problems with the autopilot and filling up with diesel I have a late start. Because of the relatively strong S-Westerly wind setting just the staysails is the perfect choice and a good opportunity to test the new jib: the luff is a little too long and the tack somewhat too low, but on the reach the sail draws reasonably well. Later in port I make a mess of the first berthing manoeuvre but making fast alongside a motor cruisers from Neustadt its crew is very helpfull.

Sunday 15. July 2007 - Museum Port of Lübeck

Betty alongside canal freighter Walter in Lübeck

There are only 50 easy nautical miles left to my bridge opening in Lübeck at 1900 on this last day of the summer voyage. I do not start before midday and then hurry with all sails set (including the new red jib) before the easterly winds into the Lübeck bight. My speed is so fast, that before reaching Travemünde I overtake two yachts. The furling of the main into the scissors is causing trouble even in hardly any swell. Betty is sound and safe back in Lübeck.

end of SUMMER Trip

Saturday 04. August 2007 - Grossenbrode

with red jib at Grossenbrode

With light S-SWesterly winds (1-2) the day is ideal in order to try out the new (used) genova: it fits very well (almost as if made for Betty) and pulls strongly. Specially since the repaired furling jib was not delivered by the sailmaker in time. The log shows no depths anymore unfortunatedly.

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Grömitz Gedser Hesnæs Stubbekøbing Rødvig Dragør København Dragør Trelleborg Ystad Skillinge Allinge - Bornholm Grønsund Sassnitz Lauterbach Stralsund Warnemünde Timmendorf / Insel Poel Lübeck