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The Best Photos of BETTY CK145

  2010 - 20011 Two-year cruising voyage to England and exploration of the Thames Estuary
  after the winter in Tholen, Middelburg is the first stop on the trip before the Channel crossing in Blankenberge, Belgium in the Inner Basin at Ramsgate Vic on the tiller of Betty at the Whitstable Race on the ponton at Paglesham
  on the mooring in Tollesbury Fleet at Heybridge Basin alone in Landermere Creek, Walton Backwaters snowed in at Heybridge Basin in the mudberth at Wivenhoe for the winter 2010/2011
  once again on the hard at Brightlingsea Easter 2011 at the ponton of the Wivenhoe sailingclub the harbour pier at Harwich the dinghy at the stern in Tidemill Harbour, Woodbridge the Limehouse Basin, London
  Nils Hansen on the tiller while crossing the Channel during dead calm on the Markermeer my breakfast in the cabin decorated with a small Christmas tree in Buurthaven von Amsterdam, Xmas 2011  
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  2009 Cruising smack yacht - East- and West-Friesland, Holland, Brabant and Zeeland
  dried out in tideland Groningen Zoutkamp Leeuwarden Harlingen
  at sea at Texel Enkhuizen Secret Amsterdam Hellevoetsluis panorama
  at Vlissingen - Flushing Zierikzee in the port of Goes at home in Tholen, Zeeland
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  September 2008 Betty wins second place at the'Rhinplatte Rund Race' on 27th September
  with every piece of cloth set on her way to win a race every sail is up to catch the least breath of wind
there is very little wind at the beginning of the race
celebrating the opening of the new Sandtorhafen project in Hafencity, Hamburg
the new deadeyes replacing the rigging screw in the forestay
  2007 - 2008 Cruising smack yacht - western Baltics, Denmark, South-Sweden to Bornholm
at the museum port of Arhus
at anchor
Nyhavn at Kobenhavn
  on the beam in Grönesund in the port of Stubbekøbing/Falster
Betty reflected in the waters of Laboe
Betty sailing to Bornholm
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  2006 The Year of the Centenarian and centenial party on October 14th
  centenial party with Eva, Kerstin, Anne, Andrea, Sabine, Huberta, Conny, Michael, Martin, Felix, Stickel and myself on October 14th 2006 in Oevelgönne
party in the cockpit
the centenarian
centenial party banner
birthday party in Oevelgönne October 2006
  Betty with many other gafflers in Glückstadt
in the museum port at Lübeck
port celebration 2006 May 2006
  2005 Classic boat on the River Elbe and on the Baltic Sea
  Finkenwerder Gaffel-Consortium vor dem Riggen in Wedel im Mai 2005 Betty vor dem Elbufer Betty's Heck am Oevelgönner Ponton



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  2004 The goal is Brest - instead England again, this time along the South Coast, through the Solent to Weymouth and to a grounding in the north of France. The trip back to Hamburg with lowered mast through the canals of Holland and northern Germany.
  Rum-Regatta 2004 (photo: Volker Gries) berth in front of Castell Radboud in Medemblik summer 2004 at the quay of Rye main sail with fishery registration number Betty with lifted jib boom in Brighton Marina
  grounding in northern France September 2004 on the yard in Tholen
in Tholen at start of return trip with lowered mast
motoring through Prinsengracht, Amsterdam back save in museum port Oevelgönne
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  2002 - 2003 Touring smack yacht - through the Netherlands to the Southeast of England
2003 Betty tacking on the River Blackwater
Betty on the hard of Brightlingsea at Half Penny Pier, Harwich
on a mooring at West Mersey
on the River Deben
  wing and wing taken from the dinghy
third place at the Wivenhoe Regatta
'Jimmy' Lawrence at the helm
in a calm at the Wivenhoe Regatta
Betty is back in Brightlingsea after 25 years
  taken from the mast in Sixhaven, Amsterdam autum 2002 in the Singel of Leeuwarden all alone in Zoutkamp Rudi Franke is Betty's Skipper on the River Elbe
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  Below deck and details
  cabin to starbord looking foreward danish stove to port view of the fore deck view outside to cockpit
the engine under the cockpit
  tiller and binnacle traditional compass
position light case and bucket
anchor capstan
rig with dutch coutesy flag
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  1979 - 2002 Traditionional yacht for voyages and races on the River Elbe and the Baltic Sea
  on the Flensburg Fjord at the Rum-Regatta (photo Franco Pace)
at the Hamburg Hafengeburtdtag
in danish waters
Konsul Klöben Regatta (photo Kai Greiser - on the slip of the Behrens yard in Finkenwerder (photo Kurt Marshall)
  picture postcard on the River Elbe (photo Kai Greiser -
wind abeam as in a painting
bow wave under full sails on the run (photo Kai Greiser -
with water sail in a light breeze
  Betty in blue foreship at sunset
title of 'Alte Schiffe' magazine from May 1994
Betty with bone in tooth
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  1965-78 Restoration to smack yacht in the tradition of the Twenties and departure from England
1979 Betty on the hook for transportation to Germany
in 1968 on the River Colne
still with white cabin top
in her mudberth at Wivenhoe
1965 after a long working life

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